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Le Moulin de Pommeuse was one of eight mills in the village. In the surrounding villages also had several. Its origin is uncertain.
However, its existence is revealed at the end of the fourteenth century by an admission made in June 1400 by the Duke of Orleans who admits receiving income tax on earnings of its production.

It was then a corn mill, which is meant to sixteenth century under the name of Jacob mill, probably the name of one of the millers who had previously operated. The mill was the banal water mill until the revolution and belonged to the lord.

It was part of a large property around a castle, lands in a state of meadows, woods and vineyards.

During the Revolution the castle was destroyed, Moulin confiscated and sold as national property.
He then became property of General Huerne.

Later it is the family Delaplace began mining. She made important improvements.
Le Moulin de Pommeuse became a first-class establishment, endowed with the latest improvements in grain milling.

It was in 1967 that even with advanced technology and large structures are being installed closer to the great Parisian market, he ceased his activity. Most of other mills in the region already closed.

Since recent years, the mill is undergoing a resurrection.
Owners are working to renovate the mill in respect of the origins and Briardes traditions.

The turbine is still in perfect working order. It occurs within the site as a real museum piece; witness of an era.

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